Hiring a Vintage Bus or Coach

Please note that the Warminster Running Day Team do not own any vintage buses – we are just the organisers of an event that brings together people that do ! . In addition, many of the buses that attend our event are privately owned and cannot legally be used for commercial hire.

However, if you are looking at hiring a vintage bus for a special event in South West England, the following organisations may be able to help:

The following website may also be able to assist with other vintage vehicles: Premier Carriage

Companies that own vintage buses in other parts of the UK are listed here.

IMPORTANT – a few things to think about before hiring:

How many people do you want to carry ? A single deck vintage bus can usually only carry about 30 people, whilst a double decker can accomodate 60-70.

Are the roads suitable ? Will a bus get through the gates of your venue and be able to turn round? Also if you are hiring a double decker, are there any low bridges or overhanging trees that could damage the bus ?

How “vintage” do you want your bus to be ? To many people, a “real” vintage bus is one with the engine at the front and possibly with the driver sat in a separate cab by the side of it. However, not all companies can offer one of these so be sure to ask for photographs of the vehicle before you hire it.

How will your guests get home? Part of the hire cost of a vintage bus is a price per hour that the driver will be on duty. Therefore if you are using the bus to take people to a party or a wedding, consider just using the vintage bus to take them to the event and hire a seperate modern vehicle to take them home or back to their cars.

Will the bus have seatbelts? Probably not. Vintage buses are exempted from the seatbelt legislation and seatbelts did not have to be fitted to them when they were contructed. Please bear this in mind if you are hiring the bus to carry young children.

Can I afford it? Restoring and maintaining a vintage bus is a very expensive business, so please don’t think that you will be able to hire one for just a few quid ! The minimum hire cost is likely to be at least £300, and probably a lot more if the vehicle has to travel some distance to get to you.

Finally, please remember that if you are paying to hire a vintage bus, it must be taxed, licenced and insured as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and the driver must have a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) drivers licence. Please always check with the hirer that this will be the case, before you commit yourself to hiring one.